Career Options


Choosing a career in the dog styling profession will give you the choice of being self-employed, or, of being an employee. This profession offers opportunities and flexibility nationwide. We get calls all across the country looking for our graduates. These opportunities are possible because the demand for well-qualified dog stylists is greater than the supply. This short supply is the result from the profession being somewhat hidden, almost obscure from the public as a career choice. This obscurity on the other hand has created exceptional opportunities for people who love animals and who want an exciting and rewarding career in the pet care profession. If working with animals has always been your dream - now is the opportune time to make it come true.

Your dream... Go Gold!

careeropts1Have you dreamed of a career where you could work with animals? Have personal rewards along with financial opportunities?   Have variety, creativity, and daily recognition?  All of this along with being able to convey your love to the pets who are entrusted in your care every day?  If this is your dream career, becoming a pet stylist is the answer.  Pet styling offers personal rewards and financial opportunities.  Personal rewards come in four-legged packages, all sizes and colors, short hair, long hair, some shy and some outgoing.  They come to you for their "magic makeover".  Afterwards as you watch them and their owners happily greet one another, you receive a warm feeling knowing you contributed to this happy moment the two of them share.

Financial opportunities in the pet care profession are many and varied.  Pet styling offers exceptional employment along with the choice of being in business for yourself.  A pet salon, a boarding kennel, a pet shop, etc.   The choice is yours. Pet styling is a career choice - it is not for everyone, it is a career for special people who love animals and want a career where they can express this love.  If this career is for you, come to Golden Paws School of Dog Styling and in 6 weeks you can get ready to make your dreams come true. Golden Paws is licensed by the State of Texas. The school is monitored by the state agency and is required to meet the high standards set by this agency.  These standards are here to insure the students receive a quality program.

The school's program is a step-by-step method designed by one of the nations top instructors, Jacqueline Rauch.  She personally created the programs and continues to revise and refine the material to keep up with current trends and techniques.  The updated version is used by Golden Paws School and schools licensed to teach the Golden Paws method.  The program is taught by instructors who are experienced pet stylists and they are registered by the State to teach at the school.  Check out School Locations for schools that teach the "Golden Paws Method."

Golden Paws school offers a full time and part time course and financing is available to those who qualify. See Tuition/Tools for more information.

So what's stopping you?  Make your dream come true - call today.  Phone (713) 661-7297 or call Dirk direct at 713-253-5757 and arrange for an appointment to visit the school, meet the instructors, observe a class in progress, and then make your decision and join our other successful graduates who are living their dream. See School Locations for schools in your area.  There are more to follow!!

Mobile Grooming


Mobile grooming is an exciting new concept in the pet care profession. This concept offers you the freedom and flexibility needed to create a more enjoyable environment. As a business owner you can structure your appointments to fit your lifestyle. You can book your appointments around, or, within other pressing personal appointments. Need an item for the house, or, family? Make quick stop along your route and pick it up.  Need a vacation? Book your appointments around your vacation time. The mobile concept enables you to have some control over your career. As a mobile employee, you have a structured route and you are in charge of the daily operation. It is the next best thing to being in business for yourself.  Get your own fully outfitted "salon on wheels" and be your own boss.  See Pet Professionals on the navigation bar for extra income opportunities.


Salon Grooming

clipdogSalon grooming is for the business owner who would like to develop a larger enterprise. In a salon setting, once the clientele is established you may want to maintain the current growth yourself or you may want to add a pet bather. To increase the growth and sales you may want to add other stylists. Pet retail items and oral hygiene products can also be added for extra income.  See Pet Professionals in the navigation bar for income opportunities.  Salon grooming gives you these choices. As an employee, the salon setting enables you to work with other stylists as a team. This support and camaraderie creates a warm, personal working atmosphere along with a nice income base.

Boarding Kennels

dogcloseupBoarding and grooming are the perfect match in the pet care industry. Pets who are boarded are normally bathed or groomed before their owners pick them up. As a business owner, a boarding kennel offers two strong incomes. For those who like the pet "Bed & Breakfast" concept, along with pet styling, this avenue is worth exploring. As an employee, the client base (depending on the size of the kennel) can offer you a strong income potential along with a nice working environment.



Pet Shops

brittPet Shops and grooming are another perfect match. As a business owner this concept offers two strong incomes. The daily grooming brings in a steady clientele along with the retail sales. Puppy sales create future clientele when owners return for their pet's grooming and supplies. The atmosphere in the pet shop setting is one of fun with lots of activity which makes it a nice business for couples, or, for families who would like to build a business together. As an employee, the pet shop environment offers you a fun atmosphere to work in. Depending on the clientele, this concept normally offers you a strong income base.



Veterinarian Clinics

doctor_1Veterinarian clinics offer good salaries and working conditions for dog stylists. It may be possible to sub lease some of the space with in the clinic setting to create a business for yourself. Sometimes you can increase your knowledge by assisting the doctors with various pets. Veterinarian medicine is the most important component in the pet care industry. Whether you are an employee, or, an in-house business owner you will benefit from their professional image.