Thank you for visiting the Golden Paws web site!  Golden Paws is an exciting and diversified pet enterprise. We have  operated many professional grooming salons and have nationwide state certified schools for teaching dog grooming.  Salons license the Golden Paws school program. This one of a kind,  step-by-step method that makes our students so successful is available  in a complete package that includes training, marketing, State Licensing  and more. We will put everything in place for you, and you can watch your profits grow!

Why Golden Paws?

Golden Paws is an exciting and diversified pet enterprise. We started  in the profession in 1967. During those years an incredible amount of  knowledge and skill needed to create beautiful breed designs were highly  developed. Our Goal... be the best in dog grooming and have the pets in our care happy with the grooming process. Our client's satisfaction is our reward. All of our salons and grooming schools have been extremely successful. Our students who attend Golden Paws Dog Grooming School's are instilled with that successful philosophy and a complicated subject is made easy to understand and master. Click here to see sample pages of the Golden Paws Complete Guide to Dog Grooming Book.
While  nothing can replace a live instructor we understand some people cannot  attend 8 weeks of school. Check out our highly effective Long Distance Learning Program and Learn to Dog Groom at Home!

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer the highest quality in dog grooming, pet safety,  and customer satisfaction. To gain national recognition as Golden Paws.  To deal honestly and fairly with all clients. To offer the best  training and support to students and clients.

Golden Paws program is a unique, one of a kind, step by step  instructional program developed by Jacqueline Rauch, one of the finest  instructors in the nation. This highly structured and effective program  has been developed over 35 years.

This program makes a complicated subject easy to understand and  master. Like sewing if you have the skills you can sew all patterns. We  give you the skills and knowledge to create all breed designs and  individual client requests!

We have such a proven program we are helping other stylists open  schools nationwide! Experienced stylists are agreeing teaching "The  Golden Paws Method" is the way to go! You will also learn many other  aspects of dog grooming.

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  • Our #1 Priority is Your Pets Happiness!
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  • We offer Hand Scissoring
  • We can Style your Pet to your Specifications or any Breed Design!
  • Learn Dog Grooming & Much More as a Great Career!

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