Grooming School Information



The Golden Paws instructional dog grooming program Jacqueline Rauch  created has been used and refined over the last 40 years.  You may ask  yourself how can you go to school for 6-10 weeks and really learn  quality dog styling when other school programs are longer?  Training in  any field is not about time but about the quality of the program.  Not  everyone can teach a very complicated subject such as pet styling.  The Golden Paws method of teaching is unique.  Jacqueline who is a master stylist and one of  the nation's top instructors has broken down each step in the grooming  process, so the student quickly learns the styling skills needed to  create a beautifully finished breed designs or customize a style your  customer desires.

The most important part of any training program is for you to receive  the very best training.  Students come to us worldwide for that  training.  You owe it to yourself to see why Golden Paws graduates go on  to start successful businesses and careers.


The Instructional Program


DSC_0018Once  you have made the decision to enter the dog styling profession the next  step is to choose the best school for your training. How do you do  this? At each school you need to compare their programs. First review  the instructional material, second meet the instructors, and third  observe a training class. After comparing each school's program choose  the one that will work best for you.

The instructional program at GOLDEN PAWS SCHOOL OF DOG STYLING is a simplified step-by-step method designed and refined over a 40-year  period by one of the nation’s top instructors, Jacqueline Rauch. Also  she has produced five instructional videos with the same step-by-step  material. These videos compliment the instructional manual and they work  in conjunction with one another. The composition of the instructional  material is arranged and organized to develop quality styling skills,  outline shaping, blending, balance, and proportion and how to apply  those skills to breed design control methods, proper handling, and speed  techniques, and much more. See Program for details.

The instructors at GOLDEN PAWS SCHOOL OF DOG STYLING are professional stylists who are proficient with the training program.  Each instructor aligns his or her styling skills alongside of each  instructional step in the program. Each one of these steps builds the  framework in which the students develop their skills. For this reason it  is essential for both, the instructor and the student to follow the  program steps in a systematic manner. Each student is worked with on an  individual basis to help them reach their fullest potential. Our main priority is the student.